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Romantici: fashion white dress shirt, new generation formal wear

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A new generation formal shirt for black-tie events and weddings!

You can wear it with a tuxedo and a bow tie, with a suit and a tie, or without any jacket at all -- it is so festive and rich! It is perfect for tropical, beach and destination weddings, special events, and parties.

How You Look:
The embroideries are rich in quality, yet subtle: they are hardly shown yet visible on your cuffs and back of your collar.
Thus you will look rich + modest = sophisticated in this shirt.
Nice Touch: Anybody's hand touching your shirt will remain on its special effect surface for as long as possible. Smooth and velvety.
Refresh Your Energy: Gentle and noble, idealistic and strong, Zorro and Clint Eastwood.
How the Shirt Fits You: This is a dress shirt with a glove fit, the shirt moves with your body without touching the skin.

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