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Who knows the price of attention better than performance artists?
Attention is priceless!

Attention of judges, attention of the audience translates into sympathy,
into higher scores, into more success!

ArtDeco shirts will bring attention to YOU by emphasizing the fit silhouette of your body, by bringing joy with its bright colors, by lifting you with their rich texture and luxurious details.

You can enjoy wearing an ArtDeco shirt at a special occasion or on a date.
But do you know that ArtDeco shirts are worn by competitive ballroom dancers on the dance floor as well?

Yes, they are that comfortable.

DanceFever guys wearing BlueWater shirts

We are happy to help ALL members of the Massachusetts Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (MassABDA) to purchase ArtDeco shirts at a SPECIAL PRICE with the 20% discount.

To get the immediate discount, simply enter this Redemption code:


during the checkout.

Massachusetts Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (MassABDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ballroom dancing.
MassABDA can be reached on the web at http://www.massabda.org

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