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Orange, long sleeve orange clubbing shirt for dating, dancing

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Look: Energetic, intense, bright, orange color makes you the natural focal point of everybody's attention, like a tangerine on the snow or the sun setting into the sea. The unpredictable hand painted pattern moves waves of sunfire along your body.
Anchor: The bold ribbon that adorns the center of the 2-button cuffs stops their wandering eyes on your hands. Wave them in, invite them over, command them to sit and watch the story you are telling.
Energy: Ignition chamber of the jet engine, fire tamed by the nozzle of the cuff ribbons, ready to stream out with a supersonic boom. Salsa muy caliente.
Fit: The tapered silhouette defines your body as athletic slim. The shirt moves with you: sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes - you are not.

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