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Helios Large: designer white linen shirt for dating and love

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What will you Feel: This stunning white shirt will feel light and full of air. Straight silhouette gives your skin room to breathe, 2 darts on the back emphasize your body. The shirt is made from the Linen (55%) and Cotton (45%) fabric with the sharp look of linen and the ease of cotton. It is amazingly flexible.
How will you Look: The shiny ribbons of random length are unexpectedly horizontal. They easily project both: the formal look and the creative individuality, as well as define your athletic torso. The decorative red stitches and the embroidered Suns deliver the energy and tie the whole composition together.
Color: White shirt with red dashes of stitching throughout the shirt. The Suns are shiny, silky white, the ribbons shine as white rays.
Smart Details: The collar is made semi-soft and it keeps it shape. There are compartments for collar stays, if you prefer the sharper image.

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