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English WhiteRose: designer luxury wedding shirt for men

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This shirt is perfect for your tropical, mexican, destination wedding.
Look unique, look rich, live up to the full glory of your special occasion and, at the same time, be comfortable in this festive shirt!

The very first thing people notice and comment on is how bright and rich you look in this shirt. The embroidered roses soften their hearts while striking vertical stitching reminds of your stronger personality - a winning combination! What a concept for a destination wedding party!..

The fabric used in the creation of this wedding shirt is 100% cotton with our famous special surface effect that makes the fabric feel smooth and velvety, like a chocolate melting in your mouth. Hands simply want to keep touching you. We are not aware of any other shirt made this way.

The cut of this ultimate destination wedding shirt is tapered and it will cloth you like a glove.

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