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Cukes: white shirt w. green details: business, casual, relax

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You Look Fresh: The soft white color of the shirt plays with the bright details of the unique handpainted green fabric. You look crisp, fresh and it makes you smile.
Nice Touch:
Special effect 100% white cotton fabric was made as smooth as melted white chocolate could ever be. Hands will want to touch and pet the fabric. Use this to your advantage.
If you work hard and play hard: wear the same shirt in the office and at night after work: when buttoned-up it's a regular white shirt with a bit of flare, when unbuttoned - it's a hip party shirt.
Refresh Your Energy: Clean, young, joyous as salsa dance and fun to be with. Unique.

How It Fits You:
The shirt fits you like a glove: the silhouette is tapered from your shoulders, armpits to the waist.

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