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5-Pocket Jeans: Classic Jeans for men in a new sexy design

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From a Fashion Makeover expert:
When you LOOK for good clothing mind the first rule: the good clothes have to fit you.
Good clothing should also emphasize attractive parts of your body and play down parts that need further improvement. Take PROPORTIONS, for example. Look, this sexy jeans for men is low rise (or low waist as they are also called) so your hard earned 6 pack abs are fully displayed.
At the same time, if your torso is kind of square this low-rise jeans will also move the waist line lower and add some extra inches to your torso for slimmer look.
I also LIKE this sexy jeans for the comfortable FIT on my behind, it also looks fuller with flaps on the back pockets.
The Soviet 5 Pocket Rocket Jeans also feature the 5th pocket flap and score an EXTRA point for cuteness and cool. It is made by all modern fashion design standards with imported Italian fabric, stylish stitching and EXCELLENTcut.

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