ArtDeco Fashion Design Group, the Profiles of Luxury
featured in the January 07 issue of MR Magazine

ArtDeco Fashion Design, MR Magazine Jan07
"Luxury is... things that make you feel good on the inside..."-
Debbie Greenberg, Louis of Boston, Ibid.

Shirts that are made for everyone are easy to find.
Expressing yourself in such a common shirt is difficult.
You are unique in everything you do:
In what you think, in what you feel,
in what you wear.
We might have the shirts for you.
Our name is ArtDeco.
We make shirts for a very specific audience:
Men that value style, subtleties and details.
They are artistic and romantic,
they love clothes that fit them and
reflect their inner image,
they like shopping for such clothes.
If you are one of them, these shirts are
for you:
outstanding, sexy and unique.
Look at the shirts and your eyes will feast on the endless intricacies of the hand painted fabric, embroidery and colors.
Touch them and your hand will feel
the surface of high quality linen and cotton, the soft curves of decorative stitching and the flow of ribbons.
Put the shirt on and it will fit your body
and please your taste.
When you express your inner style
you get attention of everyone.